About me

I'm a Swedish writer, designer and illustrator and I'm obsessed with colour, shapes and patterns. I grew up in Luleå, a small town in the north of Sweden that's situated close to the Arctic circle. It's surrounded by water and pine forests, and I grew up cycling everywhere, climbing the tallest trees and swimming in the deepest waters. Summers were long and bright as the sun never went down, and the winters were long and dark as the sun hardly came up. I've always liked the strong contrasts, but I was too curious to stay, so as soon as I graduated I packed my bags and went off to explore the world.

I took a summer job in Greece, worked as an Au Pair in London, studied film production in Brisbane, Australia for 3 years, and went back to Sweden to study screnwriting for a couple of years. Then I went travelling by myself in South East Asia. I ended up working as a Divemaster in Borneo, spending my days with sharks, turtles and other exotic creatures, and I also met my British partner there. We moved to London, where I worked in TV operations at Sky, Discovery and other companies for a few years, before we decided to move to Sweden to pursue our creative freelance careers.

I started my business as a freelance translator and writer five years ago, and now I'm also designing and illustrating. My studio and our wildlife garden are my happy places and I can spend endless hours sketching, painting and mark making there, coming up with new designs and illustrations. I love the whole process: brainstorming, researching, sketching, colouring and creating the final piece. To me, this is the ultimate creative outlet, and I really enjoy the challenge of working to briefs and trends. I work in Photoshop, Illustrator, and on my iPad Pro. My biggest source of inspiration is nature and travelling, but I'm also inspired by memories, vintage books, films, photography and many other things – inspiration is everywhere! You can follow me on Pinterest to see some of the things that inspire me.

Would you like to commission me or license any of my designs? Email me at hello@sofiaenglund.com or fill in the contact form here. Look forward to hearing from you!

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